Yoga Sound Meditation and its Wonderful Benefits

Why we need Yoga Sound Meditation Today?

Everyone talks of problems and its therapy. Everywhere you are well promised of some cure for this and that. Most of the times, we find hard to arrive at the right solution. The limited understanding and lack of awareness of the appropriate source discourages most of us. Apart from that – we always have less options to analyze and we hardly diagnose all aspects of the cure provided. When we are affected by some disease, we need to find the right cure; else the consequence is going to hit us hard.


In this review, I will write about the common pandemic – stress. Stress from work, home, financial situations, world news, kids, studies, bombings, less sleep, suicides, betrayal and so on.. practically any bad situation is a potential reason for stress. Recently I found an effective meditation kit and I have decided today to write about the life changing journey started with this Easy meditation kit from Wai Lana. The following paragraphs will mostly talk about the stress most of us go through, the impact of stress on everyone’s life and the journey how we can experience a positive change with the help of Wai Lana’s easy meditation kit. I have taken some snaps with my mobile to show the full products and its content, so you get the full picture.


I am thankful to Wai Lana for introducing this kit for millions suffering like us from stress. She has created this perfect kit for practice of yoga sound meditation. Now i  can firmly say – It is a well proven relaxation technique which helps you to relax quickly. You will feel fresh, calm and stress-free and have a better view of life.

By the regular practice of yoga meditation, you can greatly reduce tension and stress and overcome anxiety, worry, and other disturbances of the mind. This, of course, is why this ancient yoga practice has become so popular even in the modern world.

– Wai Lana

Wai Lana recommends even if you are suffering from insomnia, you can practice yoga sound meditation before sleep. This will help both the body and mind to relax and you can experience a sound and restful sleep gradually.

Yoga Sound Meditation Introduction by Wai Lana

Yoga Sound eases your mind and rests the body. It helps you to enter a world of peace, relaxation and tranquility.


Yoga Sound Meditation is the heart and soul of yoga. It frees us from our deepest anxieties, fears and allows us to experience deep inner peace and spiritual happiness.

Pure spiritual love is eternally established in the hearts of the living entities. It is not something to be gained from another source. When the heart is purified by the yoga sound meditation, this love naturally awakens.


Our innate spiritual love and wisdom is like a diamond covered by the dust and contamination of lust, greed, anger, envy, hatred etc. Its natural brilliance is eclipsed.

As per Wai Lana the process of Yoga Sound Meditation is a scientific process that cleanses the dust off this valuable diamond so that our natural wisdom and spiritual love shines through.

Benefits of Yoga Sound Meditation

Yoga Sound is the sacred sound to conquer fear and anxiety.

It works as a magical sound which calms the mind, very inspiring to the mind, gradually you will experience a degradation of negative thoughts.

If you are not able to give a substantial amount of time to spend with this meditation technique – no problems!!

Even if it’s only a few minutes of regular practice, soon you will experience

  1. The mind and body comes to ease and relaxes
  2. The mind becomes less agitated and more alert.
  3. Experience a sense of happiness and fulfilled
  4. Deep and sound sleep and
  5. Affinity to seek self realization and enlightenment

Wai Lana’s Yoga Sound Meditation will take you on a meditative journey far beyond stress, strain and, anxiety of everyday life.

There is no difference between Yoga Sound and the Original Cause. Yoga Sound is as perfect as the Original Cause in fullness, purity and eternity. Yoga Sound is not a material sound vibration. It is without any material contamination.


“To penetrate the darkness of ignorance and bless everyone’s heart, the Yoga Sound has risen like the shining sun. “

In the same way that water and chisels purify a diamond of dirt, rock, and other contaminants, Yoga Sound Meditation purifies our hearts which are covered by material contamination.

Let’s Practice Yoga Sound Meditation with Breathing


Watch the Sample Video to get a taste of what’s inside

Let the soothing yoga sound flow into your ears and nourish your entire being.

The singing of the transcendental sound by Wai Lana is like a gentle fragrant breeze that brings welcome relief on a hot day.

Simply rest your body, mind and heart in this comforting transcendental sound and enter a world of peacefulness and contentment.

“By regularly immersing ourselves in Yoga Sound Meditation, we can experience the warm embrace of unconditional love. Such love is the birth-right of each and every one of us, regardless of how unqualified we are.”

Even if you don’t have have the meditation kit with you, still you can check out Wai Lana’s YouTube video channel or the music channel of Wai Lana at Sound cloud. Wai Lana Yoga shows are aired on PBS broadcasts. There are many PBS which are telecasting the yoga series.

Some of the PBS stations which are broadcasting are listed below:

  1. KQED Public Television
  2. Kentucky Education Television PBS
  3. TPT – Twin Cities PBS
  4. Vermont PBS
  5. KLRU TV Schedule
  6. Wai Lana Yoga timings
  7. WPT Wai Lana Yoga Schedule

Let’s see some reviews on Easy Meditation Kit

  1. Thank You Wai Lana 

Posted by Diana on 19th Feb 2014

I just wanted to thank you so much for your Meditation Kit. It’s such a wonderful tool. My aunt, who is 94 years old and in the hospital, who has never been religious or interested in meditation, really liked it and found it very relaxing and comforting. I visited her for a week and the first night we did five of the meditations. The next day we did japa meditation, and every day we practiced together for a little while, often doing more than one meditation. I bought her a portable DVD player so she could watch the DVDs after I left. What better gift to give someone at the end of their life? Thank you!


  1. Beautifully Crafted 

Posted by Sylwia Jones [via Wai Lana’s Facebook page] on 19th Feb 2014

So beautifully crafted, we love it! It’s like a luxurious box of chocolate… it is BETTER than a box of best chocolate… it’s a gift for life

Wai Lana has introduced millions to the teachings of yoga by various means. She has reached people worldwide by her dvd movies, musical albums, kids yoga series, healthy recipes, diet advices, eco-friendly yoga gears, eco-friendly beauty products, healthy snacks, Wai Lana’s blog and lots more. Everything starting from lifestyle insights to real life stories encourage and educate people to practice and learn the various benefits of yoga. The entire range of age group i.e. from preschoolers to grand citizens – each one of them has something inspiring from Wai Lana. May be it’s a kids cartoon dvd or a box of healthy snack or a yoga kit – it is for the benefit of all.

Learning the authentic and complete yoga teachings from Wai Lana is highly beneficial for all, it is easy to follow her and seeing her generous approach to spread yoga worldwide is heart touching. Her untiring efforts in popularizing yoga among the mass has also been rewarded by India who gave her the prestigious Padma Shri award. On the occasion of International yoga day she released two enlightening music videos namely Namaste in 2015 and Alive Forever in 2016. Both are very popular and were appreciated worldwide. This is not all, Wai Lana is continuously publishing yoga videos in YouTube for various health problems like back pain relief, weight loss, spine care, anxiety relief and more – encouraging people to consider yoga as an inseparable part of life. She is a great inspiration for everyone, so i recommend, if anyone is seeking to live a full fledged natural and healthy lifestyle, then Wai Lana’s yoga teachings are the one of the best source to start your journey.

Learn more about Wai Lana here

Wai Lana on Bloomberg

Wai Lana Yoga Products

Wai Lana Music

Thank you. Happy yoga lifestyle

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