Finding The Real Lasting Happiness We Deeply Seek

Everyone is looking for happiness. From conception, to childhood, youth, adulthood, old age, right up until our last breath, we are seeking to be happy. Not just temporarily happy – rather we seek happiness that lasts, that is deeply satisfying and fills us so full that we can rest our hearts and minds in it. We are looking for happiness so substantial that we no longer feel the need to go searching for anything else.

Everyone is looking for this happiness, but where is this happiness to be found?

We know quite well where we can find temporary happiness. It is easy enough for most of us to find flashes of temporary pleasure in watching a movie, eating a delicious meal, playing a game we like or engaging in some other favorite pastime. It is easy enough to find temporary pleasure in being admired or respected by others for our beauty, talent , intelligence, mental or physical strength, riches, independence, or piety. Material opulence – wealth, fame, beauty, power, knowledge, intelligence, renunciation – can cause us to feel a certain amount of pleasure, but no matter how much pleasure we get from them, we are always looking for more. We do not generally see fabulously wealthy, famous, powerful, or beautiful people, for example, turning down more wealth, turning down more adoration, turning down additional methods for making them appear more physically beautiful, saying: “No, no, please, I have enough already – I’m perfectly satisfied.” On the contrary, they often seem hungrier for these things than the person who has relatively little in the way of material opulence.

We have figured out that this or that thing will bring a little happiness, but what we often fail to understand is that trying to have lots and lots of this temporary happiness will never add up to the deep and lasting happiness we are looking for. Even if we could fill every moment of every day with this superficial happiness – with activities that would be pleasurable to our mind and physical senses – we would still not find fulfillment in them. Why?

Because the happiness that we are deeply longing for – is actually a different kind of happiness than the superficial happiness of the mind and physical senses.

The happiness that we are longing for is the happiness of the soul.

According to the ancient yoga scriptures and other bona fide scriptures of the world, we are not the physical body or the mind – we are eternal spiritual beings temporarily wearing the material mind and body. The gross physical body can be compared to outer clothes and the mind or subtle energy body can be compared to under clothes. Just as we are not the clothes we are wearing, we are not the material bodies we are wearing either.

So, all these material activities that stimulate some kind of pleasure sensation in the mind or subtle body and physical senses do not actually touch us, the non-material self within the body. The happiness we are seeking is not the superficial pleasure of the body or mind. It is spiritual happiness that we seek and only spiritual happiness that can truly fulfill us to our very inner core . When a person is fulfilled spiritually – completely happy and satisfied through loving connection with our spiritual source – he no longer seeks the ephemeral happiness of the material dimension because he is permanently situated in happiness.

In the ancient yoga system, the recommended method for consciously linking up with our spiritual source and cultivating the spiritual love and happiness that will completely fulfill us is mantra meditation. Since thousands of years sages have used these mantras for self- realizations .  A true mantra is not something anyone makes up. It is the Absolute Truth in sound vibration. This spiritual sound vibration descends from the spiritual platform to the material world without losing any of its potency. In mantra meditation, a person hears and chants or sings this amazing sounds like this and thus is directly linking up with the Supreme.

Through mantra meditation, we begin to taste the sweetness of spiritual happiness. And with regular, sincere practice of listening , our hearts and minds gradually become purified of material misgivings and we experience the deep and lasting happiness that we have been searching for all our lives. We eventually come to realize that we can rest in this happiness because it actually replaces the emptiness in our heart of hearts with fullness.

The Road to a Better & Balanced Lifestyle

In today’s busy world everyone is stressed and full of anxiety for various reasons which causes physical and mental tension. Consider anyone from any age group, there are many reasons for which everyone is running after, name it as to score a good rank in the student career, to get a beautiful wife, handsome husband, to earn more money, happy family life, to make more property.

Everyone thinks that achievement of all these things will give them pleasure and happiness but those become the cause of stress and restlessness and cause of anxiety. Research states that more than 70% of primary visit to physician are for stress related problems. Almost all the illness is direct or indirect manifestation of stress. There are very common effects of stress in our body, mind and behavior. Stress causes headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive problem, sleep disturbances, anxiety, restlessness, lack of focus, anger, sadness, depression etc. Long term effects of stress may lead to lowered immune system, hyper tension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and stress may lead to cancer as well. If you desire to get relieved from all these kind of stress there is a clue to it.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle will help us get relieved from stress and anxiety. And to maintain a balanced lifestyle we need to take care of our physical, mental and spiritual well being. Practicing easy stretches, exercises, taking a massage, having good nutritious vegetarian food, taking adequate rest, living a natural way of life and few other activities such as not smoking or not taking drugs taking care of environment will help us to maintain physical well being. Doing yoga for a while everyday increases flexibility, strength, balances the hormones, cleanses and flushes all the internal systems of the body and makes us fit and flexible.

When we become physically fit it helps us to relieve stress and calm the mind. There are few practices through which we can get mental and emotional well being. Spending time with family members, taking care of them, understanding others feeling, having some solitude each day boosts up the emotional well being. Practicing few breathing exercise and meditation helps to maintain mental well being. Research has demonstrated that doing breathing exercise can increase oxygen supply, improve the immune function, psychological and stress related disorders.

Similarly practicing meditation each day for few minutes helps to reduce stress and tension, gain focus and concentration and some spiritual benefits: It increases tolerance and compassion, gives insights into meaning and purpose of life and helps developing spiritual love. All the problems we have in life will still be there but practicing mediation we will get tolerance to handle them and not to get bothered by them. Hearing to this soothing peaceful music by jagad guru chris butler helps to get more relaxed and calm. Try out this sacred music to meditate on.

In search of money and happiness

In this world everyone wants to live life happily. But unfortunately everyone is getting unhappy at the end of the day in the search of happiness. I have seen different categories of people who live their life differently for the search of happiness. Some people want to live in the village with a little money for their basic livelihood.

Even though they get peace in living a natural life with the trees in the surrounding, fruits, vegetables and grains from their own garden, taking care of the cows but they miss the inner happiness and in the search of that they want to see life of other people, media and the world. They see people from their village living a modern life in the city and think that as happiness of life and want to taste that. People watch movies, serials, advertisement in various TV channels and they get attracted towards that and start applying that in their own life assuming that is what is happiness of life.

They get attracted towards the modern lifestyle with more money and more fashion.They struggle a lot in the busy life of the city in the hope of getting happiness or peace from money. And even who possess a handsome amount of property, struggle to have more to get more luxury, name and fame. As no one has the idea that this concept of getting happiness is not true rather this leads to more unhappiness. In search of money and happiness people in this world is ready to do anything name it as theft, murder, torture, exploitation, snatching.

But again this leads to unhappiness. After the busy life of the day everyone wants a bit of rest and peace tonight at home. But the family problem, gap in the understanding among of family members gives more tension. And even for a lady not getting enough encouragement or appreciation from family members after doing a lot for everyone is very much painful. Kids think when I will grow up, I will earn my own money and that will give me happiness.

There is more than enough food, water, fuel and so on to satisfy the actual needs of everyone on the planet. But there is not enough to satisfy everyone’s greed. Even if it were physically possible for you to consume all the food, water, and fuel in the world, you still would not be satisfied.“ “Material food” cannot satisfy spiritual craving. Since the materialist is never satisfied, he never feels that he has had enough. ~ Quotes by Jagad Guru Chris Butler

In search of happiness everyone’s mind becomes very restless and they get frustrated. I was facing few of the above problems and I am reciting the others from my relatives and friends life. With all these problems I was really searching for the source of happiness and fortunately I got a friend who suggested me to listen to a sound track with slow relaxing music by jagad guru chris butler which has really very calming effect on my mind. Gradually I wanted to hear that more often in the day and I feel inner happiness listening to this music. This music helps me to stay balanced, free of anxiety.

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Let’s go green now its already late

We got to go green from now. if you read the news you will find very sad & depressing stories about how the natural resources are getting depleted, the animals are being exploited, trees are being shaved at will, and pollution increasing many fold, global warming and so much other news. It is really not a responsible living from us humans, that we go on mindlessly destroying the earth and its inhabitants like this. This is already creating trouble all over the world and things are really bad now. I have included some examples below as well to see the samples. Most of these changes are subtle but its trends are dangerous. So things is looking really gloomy. So lets act and make things better or else it will be very late, where we will even miss the basic necessities of life and have a civilization where we all will be struggling for even survival.

Going green, saving water, and alternative fuels and resources are all becoming huge parts of the news nowadays, and why should not they be? With depleting sources of oil and water, we really do need to start finding ways to care for our environment. And why stop there? We should move forward from not only caring our environment, but also saving as many animals as we can. Because just as our resources are depleting, our endangered species are also at the brink of being no more.

But how would we begin to care for our environment and care for our creatures? How can we ensure that we will have enough resources to keep us going and ensure that our great grandchildren will get to see a polar bear, instead of just learning about one in a textbook?

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