Real Love

The way people normally come to love someone is by getting to know them. They look at the person and talk to them–all the while sizing them up to see if there are any sparks between them.  They go somewhere together and they decide if the things they like about the person outweigh the things they don’t like.  If there are more attractive aspects to the person than not, the two people will usually fall in love.

The love that we know in this material world is not real love but just business deals.  You give me this and I give you that~~this is what most people call love.  This is not real love and so it is very confusing.  When you actually love someone, your happiness comes from them being happy.  This is not what we see happening in our society today.  Everyone seems to be interested only in their own well being, not the well being of the one they so-call love.  The thing about love in this material world, where we now exist, is that it is temporary and will eventually end in misery.

In order to find real love, we must first understand who we really are, which is called self realization.  We are spiritual in essence and eternal.  We are not these temporary bodies we are now wearing. These bodies will die but we, the spirit soul will never die. Having this knowledge, we can then start to realize who we really need to have a loving relationship with. Our true loving relationship needs to be with God, the Supreme Being.  He is a person that we can come to know and love.

The way to come to love God is to find someone who knows and loves Him already.

I was fortunate to find my spiritual teacher, Siddhaswarupananda and he taught me about God, His attributes and a process to come closer to Him and eventually love Him.  He taught me that I am a child of God and therefore already loved unconditionally by Him.  The difference between a loving relationship with God and material so-called relationships is that it is eternal and it doesn’t end. Part of the process for coming to know God is acting in such a way that we are coming closer to Him in word, act and deed– learning what is pleasing to Him, just like we do in this world when we want someone to like us.

So God exists. He is a person and He has given us this material world to learn and grow and come to love Him.     He is the most lovable, playful, compassionate and beautiful Being.   He is really easy to love when we know and acknowledge Him.  The thing is that He decides who will be able to see Him.  He is not like a mountain that we can just go climb when we want to–He decides when He will reveal Himself to us.

That is why my spiritual master, Siddhaswarupananda, says, it is not so important that we see God but that He wants to see us.  We must purify ourselves to make it so that God wants to see and relate to us.

We are spiritual beings having a material experience and not the other way around.  We are temporarily covered by these mortal frames that will pass away with time and return to dust, just like everything else on this planet.  The difference between us and animals is that we can ask the questions; Who am I?  Why am I here?  I am eternal spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul.  He is the Supreme Father and we are all His children.  Knowing the answers to these questions can help us towards peace and happiness— finding real love with God.

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Yoga Sound Meditation and its Wonderful Benefits

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Everyone is looking for this happiness, but where is this happiness to be found?

We know quite well where we can find temporary happiness. It is easy enough for most of us to find flashes of temporary pleasure in watching a movie, eating a delicious meal, playing a game we like or engaging in some other favorite pastime. It is easy enough to find temporary pleasure in being admired or respected by others for our beauty, talent , intelligence, mental or physical strength, riches, independence, or piety.

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Everyone thinks that achievement of all these things will give them pleasure and happiness but those become the cause of stress and restlessness and cause of anxiety. Research states that more than 70% of primary visit to physician are for stress related problems. Almost all the illness is direct or indirect manifestation of stress. There are very common effects of stress in our body, mind and behavior. Stress causes headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive problem, sleep disturbances, anxiety, restlessness, lack of focus, anger, sadness, depression etc. Long term effects of stress may lead to lowered immune system, hyper tension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and stress may lead to cancer as well. If you desire to get relieved from all these kind of stress there is a clue to it.

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Even though they get peace in living a natural life with the trees in the surrounding, fruits, vegetables and grains from their own garden, taking care of the cows but they miss the inner happiness and in the search of that they want to see life of other people, media and the world. They see people from their village living a modern life in the city and think that as happiness of life and want to taste that. People watch movies, serials, advertisement in various TV channels and they get attracted towards that and start applying that in their own life assuming that is what is happiness of life.

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