The Road to a Better & Balanced Lifestyle

In today’s busy world everyone is stressed and full of anxiety for various reasons which causes physical and mental tension. Consider anyone from any age group, there are many reasons for which everyone is running after, name it as to score a good rank in the student career, to get a beautiful wife, handsome husband, to earn more money, happy family life, to make more property.

Everyone thinks that achievement of all these things will give them pleasure and happiness but those become the cause of stress and restlessness and cause of anxiety. Research states that more than 70% of primary visit to physician are for stress related problems. Almost all the illness is direct or indirect manifestation of stress. There are very common effects of stress in our body, mind and behavior. Stress causes headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive problem, sleep disturbances, anxiety, restlessness, lack of focus, anger, sadness, depression etc. Long term effects of stress may lead to lowered immune system, hyper tension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and stress may lead to cancer as well. If you desire to get relieved from all these kind of stress there is a clue to it.

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle will help us get relieved from stress and anxiety. And to maintain a balanced lifestyle we need to take care of our physical, mental and spiritual well being. Practicing easy stretches, exercises, taking a massage, having good nutritious vegetarian food, taking adequate rest, living a natural way of life and few other activities such as not smoking or not taking drugs taking care of environment will help us to maintain physical well being. Doing yoga for a while everyday increases flexibility, strength, balances the hormones, cleanses and flushes all the internal systems of the body and makes us fit and flexible.

When we become physically fit it helps us to relieve stress and calm the mind. There are few practices through which we can get mental and emotional well being. Spending time with family members, taking care of them, understanding others feeling, having some solitude each day boosts up the emotional well being. Practicing few breathing exercise and meditation helps to maintain mental well being. Research has demonstrated that doing breathing exercise can increase oxygen supply, improve the immune function, psychological and stress related disorders.

Similarly practicing meditation each day for few minutes helps to reduce stress and tension, gain focus and concentration and some spiritual benefits: It increases tolerance and compassion, gives insights into meaning and purpose of life and helps developing spiritual love. All the problems we have in life will still be there but practicing mediation we will get tolerance to handle them and not to get bothered by them. Hearing to this soothing peaceful music by jagad guru chris butler helps to get more relaxed and calm. Try out this sacred music to meditate on.