Let’s go green now its already late

We got to go green from now. if you read the news you will find very sad & depressing stories about how the natural resources are getting depleted, the animals are being exploited, trees are being shaved at will, and pollution increasing many fold, global warming and so much other news. It is really not a responsible living from us humans, that we go on mindlessly destroying the earth and its inhabitants like this. This is already creating trouble all over the world and things are really bad now. I have included some examples below as well to see the samples. Most of these changes are subtle but its trends are dangerous. So things is looking really gloomy. So lets act and make things better or else it will be very late, where we will even miss the basic necessities of life and have a civilization where we all will be struggling for even survival.

Going green, saving water, and alternative fuels and resources are all becoming huge parts of the news nowadays, and why should not they be? With depleting sources of oil and water, we really do need to start finding ways to care for our environment. And why stop there? We should move forward from not only caring our environment, but also saving as many animals as we can. Because just as our resources are depleting, our endangered species are also at the brink of being no more.

But how would we begin to care for our environment and care for our creatures? How can we ensure that we will have enough resources to keep us going and ensure that our great grandchildren will get to see a polar bear, instead of just learning about one in a textbook?

Well it’s simple. We can begin by investing in things like solar power, and we can all start to carpool, or ride bikes, instead of using our own cars to drive everywhere. Yes the solar power will prove to be costly at first, but given the long term pay out, why shouldn’t you start investing now? Plus if you begin to car pool, or ride a bike, you’ll be saving so much money on fuel, that you may not feel the sting from spending so much money on installing solar panels. Plus imagine how you’ll be helping care for the environment!

Here are some simple yet effective ways to improve the earth & its environment. Click here

Along with those simple things another easy way to help care for the environment, and even an excellent way to save trees, is by saving paper, and using less. Using less paper is much easier than it sounds. How about instead of just throwing out those old tests and worksheets, you recycle them?  Recycling maybe a tedious thing to do, but I can promise you that it’s a simple thing indeed, once you get into the swing of doing it that is. And why stop at recycling paper? Recycle your cans, glass, and cardboard as well, so not only will you be saving the trees, but you will be saving energy and caring for the environment at the same time. Here is a very simple video for ideas on recycling.

You may be wondering, “But what about the animals?  How are we to help save and preserve them?” Well if you follow the advice for caring for the environment, and in turn saving the tress, you will already be greatly helping save the animals, but if you want to do more, you could volunteer, and or even donate money to groups like the A.S.P.C.A. Volunteering at an animal shelter, would also be an excellent way to care for the animals, in your own area.

So do you see? It’s easy to save the environment; trees and even the animals! Just doing a few things, helps you save and preserve all three! And who wouldn’t want to help out the environment? Especially with how easy it has proven to be! So go on out today and do what you can to help save our environment, trees, and save our animals easily. Go green soon or else it will be too late unfortunately.

So the choice is ours whether we choose to accept it or not, either we be a part of the problem or we be a part of the solution. The problems can be reduced greatly by taking these simple steps, so why not add these thing to our life and make the earth a more pleasurable place to be. If we ignore these small steps, we will face huge consequences and need to take more drastic steps soon which will be almost impossible to implement.