In search of money and happiness

In this world everyone wants to live life happily. But unfortunately everyone is getting unhappy at the end of the day in the search of happiness. I have seen different categories of people who live their life differently for the search of happiness. Some people want to live in the village with a little money for their basic livelihood.

Even though they get peace in living a natural life with the trees in the surrounding, fruits, vegetables and grains from their own garden, taking care of the cows but they miss the inner happiness and in the search of that they want to see life of other people, media and the world. They see people from their village living a modern life in the city and think that as happiness of life and want to taste that. People watch movies, serials, advertisement in various TV channels and they get attracted towards that and start applying that in their own life assuming that is what is happiness of life.

They get attracted towards the modern lifestyle with more money and more fashion.They struggle a lot in the busy life of the city in the hope of getting happiness or peace from money. And even who possess a handsome amount of property, struggle to have more to get more luxury, name and fame. As no one has the idea that this concept of getting happiness is not true rather this leads to more unhappiness. In search of money and happiness people in this world is ready to do anything name it as theft, murder, torture, exploitation, snatching.

But again this leads to unhappiness. After the busy life of the day everyone wants a bit of rest and peace tonight at home. But the family problem, gap in the understanding among of family members gives more tension. And even for a lady not getting enough encouragement or appreciation from family members after doing a lot for everyone is very much painful. Kids think when I will grow up, I will earn my own money and that will give me happiness.

There is more than enough food, water, fuel and so on to satisfy the actual needs of everyone on the planet. But there is not enough to satisfy everyone’s greed. Even if it were physically possible for you to consume all the food, water, and fuel in the world, you still would not be satisfied.“ “Material food” cannot satisfy spiritual craving. Since the materialist is never satisfied, he never feels that he has had enough. ~ Quotes by Jagad Guru Chris Butler

In search of happiness everyone’s mind becomes very restless and they get frustrated. I was facing few of the above problems and I am reciting the others from my relatives and friends life. With all these problems I was really searching for the source of happiness and fortunately I got a friend who suggested me to listen to a sound track with slow relaxing music by jagad guru chris butler which has really very calming effect on my mind. Gradually I wanted to hear that more often in the day and I feel inner happiness listening to this music. This music helps me to stay balanced, free of anxiety.

Generally no normal person can solve all the problems in this world but listening to this sound track gives me so much of inner happiness and peace that my problems do not bother me much now. If any of these problems bothers you, makes you unhappy please try listening to this music track.
As I could feel inner happiness from this, i hope this will help you get relieved from the stress and anxiety of life.